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Do you supply props for the newborn session?

I provide an assortment of hats, blankets and baskets etc.

When will my photos be ready?

I try to have the photos done as quickly as possibly and ready for download. My turn around time is approximately 2-3 weeks unless I inform you otherwise.  Certain periods of the year are extremely busy and photos may be a bit longer than usual.  Teasers are posted to my business Facebook page within a few days of the session.

Do you accept Visa or Mastercard?

No, at this point in time I do not accept Visa or Mastercard.

When is the ideal time to do a newborn session?

My preferred window for newborn sessions is between days 6-16 after birth.  During this time, the baby is generally more easily poseable and sufficiently sleepy to get the cute, curled up newborn images you see in my galleries.  The exception to this is for premature babies that may require a hospital stay.   If baby is born early (usually before 38 weeks), the session will usually be done within a few days of the original due date.

How do Newborn bookings work? What if my baby arrives early?

I only book limited newborn sessions on a monthly basis. This leaves room for any newborns that arrive early or late. All I ask is that you contact me as soon as possible after the baby arrives!

What if my baby has to be in the hospital and we can’t do a session within the first two weeks?

If this happens, we will do a session when the baby is home.

When is the best time to do a Maternity Session?

The best time for maternity sessions is between 32-36 weeks. If you are further along it’s not a problem if you are comfortable and wanting to do the session.

What are your package prices?

My pricing can be found under the investment tab in the menu. The link for the investment tab is : http://www.michellecollisphotography.com/investment/.

How soon should I book a session?

I book up quickly and as such, I regularly turn many people away.  If you are pregnant, a good time to book is after your 20 week ultrasound.  If you wait until the last month or after baby is here, there is a good chance I will not be able to do your session.  If possible, family sessions should be booked a couple of months in advance.  Weekends are in high demand and if this is when you’d like your session, booking early ensures you a spot.

How long after circumcision can we schedule the session?

We will work around the circumcision date.  I prefer for baby to have a few days to heal afterwards.  Please discuss this with me prior to your due date.

Are parents included in the newborn session?

The session is for baby only, unless you’ve booked the family option add-on.  (See Investment tab: http://www.michellecollisphotography.com/investment/.)

What does my session fee include?

Please see the Investment tab: http://www.michellecollisphotography.com/investment/.)

Do you allow special requests (ie. poses from the website)?

Over the years I have developed a workflow that works for my sessions in order to fulfill the requirements of each package.  Each baby is different and some require more soothing and cuddling in order to get the cute, curled up poses.  I prefer to work with each baby within his/her own limitations.  For the comfort and safety of the newborn, some poses may be attempted but are not guaranteed.

Is there any preferred outfits/colors to dress the baby in?

Newborns are photographed in the nude as seen on my website and facebook page (www.facebook.com/michellecollisphotography).  You may be asked for a white short sleeved onesie for baby for family photos.

How do I prepare the baby for the session?

I have detailed instructions for session preparation which I email to you after we’ve scheduled the newborn session after baby’s birth.



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